Between the Raindrops

Stories, rants and philosophies of a soldier adapting, or not quite adapting, to society

~Dave Hollis~

About me and why I have this Blog
I was born in a small town in eastern Oklahoma.  I joined the United States Army after high school and retired from it in 2010.  The Army provided me with an eventful career that broadened my understanding of cultural differences by placing me in some of the shittiest places and harshest environments on the planet.
This is an ongoing project.  It is a reflection of the life that I have experienced and the life that I am building.  It is a documentary of the man I was and an outline of the man I aspire to be. It was encouraged by my love, my best friend and my confidant, Kasey, who convinced me to write my stories down.  She has been my inspiration to move forward with this project as well as many others.
This is for my children: Lana and Kiefer.  For the majority of your childhood I was away, either at a school, training with my unit or in combat.  I never took the time to share many stories from my life or the lessons that I learned along the way.  Hopefully, you draw the most value from this and learn some of the hard lessons without experiencing all of the pain.  
My successes are dedicated to the leaders who provided me with purpose, direction and motivation throughout my years in the Army:  Todd Leiferman; Johnny Givler; Patrick Devine (of the Clan Devine); Bradley Nelson; Jeff Bogue; and Robert Wells.
The title of this blog was inspired by a phrase that I would say to my soldiers when they would complain about training in the rain: "Good scouts can walk between the raindrops".  It also serves as a metaphor for when life feels like it is miserably drowning your spirits, keep your head up, put one foot in front of the other and push beyond the perceived problems without letting them affect you.